About Bat je

hi i am Bat je, 34 years old and i walk ankle socks since childhood.

I used to wear my long socks all the time.
When I lived on my own I always walked barefoot.
But since about 8 years I prefer to only wear socks. And I walk in it all day long

my socks


Favorite socks?



Favorite color?

Socks that different colors.


Favorite socks brand?

Nike, Adidas and Asics.


What brand of ankle socks do you have?

Unbranded and Asics.

Do your socks get dirty often?

Yes several times a month.


Which socks do you wear the most?

Ankle socks unbranded and different colors in 1 sock this private, Unfortunately long black lotto sports socks to work 😭.

How long do you wear a pair of ankle socks?
1 day sometimes 2 days.


What's the craziest thing you've done on ankle socks?

Walked the dog.


How many hours per day do you walk on socks on average?

No idea, on average 4 hours a day I think


Did you like ankle socks when you were young?



Have you ever walked on ankle socks in public?

Yes walking the dog