About Lucas

Hi Lucas , 19 years old i have loved ankle socks when i have 16 years old when i see the Laura socks account 😉

I used all time anklesocks is very good i loved it , Favourite is Puma , Nike and Artengo (Grey Black and White). I wear 1 week the same socks the smell is very good

my socks


Favorite socks?



Favorite color?

Red, White, Black and Grey.


Favorite socks brand?

Artengo, Puma Nike.


What brand of ankle socks do you have?

Nike, Adidas, Artengo, Puma and socks with no brands.

Do your socks get dirty often?

But i dont get very dirty.


Which socks do you wear the most?

Grey Puma and Black Nike.

How long do you wear a pair of ankle socks?
1 wear one week my socks.


What's the craziest thing you've done on ankle socks?

Shower i think.


How many hours per day do you walk on socks on average?

Actually 24/7.  I also sleep on ankle socks and I also shower and swim with it. actually i never walk barefoot.


Did you like ankle socks when you were young?

Yes i like it at the begin 16 years i think.


Have you ever walked on ankle socks in public?

yes, In my class.