About Laura

hi i am laura, 26 years old and i have loved ankle socks since childhood.

My true ankle socks love started around the age of 14. I noticed that I was very interested in the socks of other students in the classroom, and at the gym I prefer to walk on my socks. I also thought it was great to see all the girls and boys walking in their socks

my socks


Favorite socks?



Favorite color?

White and black.


Favorite socks brand?

 Nike and puma.


What brand of ankle socks do you have?

Nike, Puma, Adidas, Kappa, Lotto and Fila.

Do your socks get dirty often?

Yep every day.


Which socks do you wear the most?

At home I always walk on white Nike or Adidas ankle socks and at work I always walk on black Nike, Adidas or puma ankle socks.

How long do you wear a pair of ankle socks?
Usually between one and three days.


What's the craziest thing you've done on ankle socks?

I once put him in a slurry pit with my white ankle socks. smelled really bad but felt really delicious!


How many hours per day do you walk on socks on average?

Actually 24/7.  I also sleep on ankle socks and I also shower and swim with it. actually i never walk barefoot.


How did you get the idea to start an instagram page?

I loved ankle socks myself and loved seeing pictures of them. and I would like to share it with you. however, I never expected to get more than 23k followers.


Did you like ankle socks when you were young?

Yes and no, it was not yet as it is now, but for example I always took off my shoes when I played in the sandbox. and when I went dancing I did that on my socks.


Does your boyfriend love ankle socks as much as you do?

My boyfriend also likes ankle socks. he himself walks 24/7. we often lie with each other's ankle socks in our mouth, but my boyfriend's love for ankle socks is not as great as with me, but he loves it.


Have you ever walked on ankle socks in public?

Yes i did once. have been shopping for my ankle socks. and we also walked on ankle socks in an amusement park.


You say that you always walk on black ankle socks at work. don't you have to wear shoes at work?

I work in an indoor playground. there it is mandatory to take off your shoes and walk on your socks. so everyone at my work is also wearing socks.


have you ever had cum on your socks?

Yes often enough even.